Woman unknowingly brings home unwanted souvenirs from Croatia: creepy crawling scorpions

After returning home from a holiday in Croatia, a terrified traveler experienced the shock of her life when she discovered 18 creepy crawling scorpions in her luggage.

On Saturday July 23, the woman had just returned from her vacation in the Adriatic and was unpacking at her home in Natternbach, a small village in the district of Grieskirchen, located in the state of Upper Austria.

She found a whole family of darts when she opened her case, which sent shivers down her spine.

Surprisingly, the woman reportedly discovered a nest of 18 scorpions lounging in her suitcase, including a mother and her cub.

Later she called Gusental Animal Rescue Services. In a statement on Sunday, July 25, Tierhilfe Gusental said that afternoon a woman from Natternbach contacted her team to report that stowaways had built nests in the luggage they were using on their excursion. in Croatia.

The animal shelter went into detail saying the stowaways are a mother scorpion with 17 of her young. The rescue team received the animals after they were secured. Until their return to Croatia, they are detained at the animal shelter in Linz.

Scorpions on vacation

According to Austrian media reports, this is not the first time that scorpions have vacationed in Croatia. This is the third example.

Following a vacation in Croatia, a woman from Linz reportedly found a scorpion in her residence on Thursday, June 30.

She had already been living there for three weeks when she made the strange discovery.

This indicates that the disturbing scorpion probably spent three weeks settling in the apartment without anyone noticing.

Another incident occurred in September last year when a Croatian scorpion was discovered at a residence in Upper Austria before being taken to the nearest animal shelter.

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Scorpions are distinguished by a segmented, curved tail at the back of the body that ends in a poisonous stinger and a pair of appendages, or grasping claws, at the front.

Although they inhabit a variety of habitats, deserts are where they are most widespread and diverse.

Scorpions in Croatia are mainly found along the coast of the Adriatic Sea and are much less common inland.

Croatia is home to a few distinct scorpion species. None of the species present in Croatia is dangerous for humans.

Despite being venomous, their poison cannot kill a human. Even so, their bites can hurt, swell, itch, turn red, and feel burning.

Although there are five different species of scorpion in Croatia, only E. Germanus and Euscorpius italicus. Both of these species are considered harmless to humans, reports Zenger News.

Scorpions in the United States

Since they are mostly found in desert areas, scorpions are a common household pest, especially in the southern United States. They usually spend the day hiding in shady areas and emerge at night in search of water and food. There are approximately 2000 different species of scorpions worldwide and approximately 90 different species of these venomous predators in the United States.

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