Tony Albert puts Aboriginal memories under the microscope

Photos by Mark Pokorny

Renowned artist Tony Albert is counting with “Aboriginalia” in a major solo exhibition that will open in November.

Exhibitor at the new Sullivan+Strumpf space in Melbourne, Remark will feature large-scale paintings that emphasize the appropriation of Aboriginal art and design that too often ends up on kitsch souvenirs in white people’s pursuit of a little money. Take a quick stroll through any major tourist hub in Australia and you’ll soon spot it: mass-produced textiles, rip-off boomerangs and inauthentic Aboriginal dot-paint patterns, the profits of which go to non-Aboriginal makers. and producers.

“These are not Indigenous images and our voices and self-reliance have continued to be silenced by the inauthenticity of the object,” says Albert. “As a country, we need to come to terms with the very existence of these objects. They are painful reiterations of a violent and oppressive history, but neither can we hide or destroy them because they are an important societal testimony that must not be forgotten.

It’s been a huge year for Albert: in the past year alone he’s had a sold-out solo show with Margaret Preston that culminated in an acquisition from the National Gallery of Australia, his first US commission that won seen his work installed on 320 bus shelters across New York, Chicago and Boston, several major public art commissions back home in Australia, and now another one solo show with Sullivan+Strumpf which is just as likely to sell like hotcakes. Don’t miss a master of his craft, be sure to get off at Rupert St Collingwood when Remark comes to town.

by Tony Albert Remark will launch at Melbourne’s new Sullivan+Strumpf Gallery, 107-109 Rupert St Collingwood, on Thursday, November 10, 2022.

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