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Gift company WonderDays is turning up the heat on International Bacon Day with a sizzling selection of favorite ways to cook it from the Experience Days team

Gift company WonderDays is turning up the heat on International Bacon Day with a sizzling selection of favorite ways to cook it from the Experience Days team.

When they’re not working to bring in the last goodies of the Experience Day, nearly everyone at WonderDays considers themselves a helping hand in the kitchen.

The team loves bacon so much they even created an infographic in honor of International Bacon Day (September 3, 2022) with some of their favorite obscure facts about this beloved breakfast deli.

While creating the infographic, the discussions at the office naturally shifted from their favorite giveaways for experience day to our favorite bacon recipes.

Abi – responsible for partnerships, follower of a nice striped strip

Abi loves a good pasta with bacon, especially one of his signature dishes with a creamy tomato and bacon sauce that his three sons always ask for.

A simple recipe for fried chopped bacon with a little garlic, chopped tomatoes or passata and at least half a pot of melted whole cream cheese, it’s a tea time hit with all the family every time.

Matt – director, always bacon most of every day

In a recipe where one of the key ingredients pretty much counts as bacon, one of Matt’s favorite things to cook is a traditional Italian carbonara with smoked pancetta.

It is also very purist when it comes to cooking it, with just a few high quality ingredients needed and absolutely no cream.

Maria – marketing manager, cures most things with bacon butty

Besides the classic bacon sandwich, one of Maria’s favorite ways to cook with bacon is the Leek, Bacon and Potato Bake.

Thinly sliced ​​mealy potatoes, topped with fried leeks and crispy bacon, smothered in a rich bechamel sauce and topped with a sharp cheddar or even sometimes a sprinkle of blue cheese are a regular winter warmer for the having dinner.

Georgia – designer, will not go to your heart

A simple bacon sandwich without any sauce is Georgia’s favorite, especially on a laid-back weekend morning.

She does, however, have an important tip between cooking the bacon and inserting it between the slices of bread – the bread should be dipped in the hot, flavorful bacon drippings left in the pan for that extra kick of umami.

Ben – operations, rarely salted and fried always at its best

Ben is a huge macaroni and cheese fan and what he thinks makes it even better is the addition of smoked bacon, pre-fried until crisp and tossed into the pasta sauce and cheese.

He then adds more strips of bacon on top before cooking, for a really crispy and salty topping.

If your taste buds are tingling for more than bacon or you know the person who needs to hone their cooking skills, WonderDays offers a range of cooking classes and gift experiences for foodies.

Georgia from the team has already been recommended the quick online cooking lesson as a great way to inspire her beyond a simple bacon sandwich.

If you love bacon as much as the WonderDays team, you can download the Don’t Go Bacon Our Hearts infographic here.

International Bacon Day or Bacon Day is an unofficial celebration where people choose to celebrate by cooking with bacon on the first Saturday in September. Although it is an international celebration, the dates vary in some cultures, celebrating February 19 or the first Saturday in January.


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