Some NJ colleges are moving finals online, students across the state wondering what’s next

NEWARK, NJ — New Jersey reported 6,200 new positive COVID cases Thursday, the highest one-day tally since January.

The explosion in cases is prompting some state colleges to send students home early and move classes online. It also sets the stage for what may come for the spring semester.

At Princeton University – in the last week of its semester – final undergraduate exams were moved to a distance format.

The university has also issued a mandate that students will need to be vaccinated in order to return for the spring semester.

While no official announcement has been made by Rutgers, it’s something students are already considering.

Other colleges across the United States are beginning to require booster shots, extending mask mandates and, in some cases, returning to online classes as they prepare for the new omicron variant.

More than 30 colleges said they would need boosters, including Boston University and Notre Dame. Others are extending mask mandates through next year, including Penn State.

Still others plan to start the next quarter online to prevent outbreaks after the holidays.

The new variant packs a punch for schools hoping to ease safety measures this spring and take a step back to normality.