Security guard recovering in intensive care unit after shooting at world’s largest gift shop, suspect stole sweatshirt

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The family of an on-duty security guard are speaking out after he was shot during an attempted shoplifting of a sweater, police release details on the suspect out of California.

Adolfo Rivera was seriously injured when he was shot by a shoplifting suspect on Tuesday.

Rivera worked as a security guard for the world’s largest gift shop for at least six years. On Tuesday, a woman, identified by police as Mercedes Cage, was seen by Rivera taking a sweater she hadn’t paid for. When Rivera and another security guard, Juan Hernandez, confronted her in the parking lot, Cage drew his handgun and fired nine rounds.

A police report says Rivera was shot in the upper back. A fellow security guard administered first aid to his gunshot wound.

The police report went on to say that when fellow security guard Hernandez saw Cage crossing Las Vegas Boulevard, she appeared to have a firearm malfunction. According to the police, he took the opportunity to run and tackle her to the ground. As Hernandez and Cage struggled on the ground, she accidentally shot herself in the left armpit.

Rivera was rushed to trauma intensive care at UMC. As of Thursday, he was in stable condition. His daughter Mary spoke with FOX5 outside the hospital.

She said he was still on a ventilator. He was operated on early Thursday morning.

“Their main concern was the damage to his pancreas as most of the damage was to the head of the pancreas and that’s a critical area with the ducts that connect to the stomach. But so far so good, today they were just trying to control the bleeding,” Mary Rivera said.

Mary Rivera said that for years his family tried to convince him not to work there.

“We’ve been asking him for years to try and get a different job because it’s so dangerous, but everyone loves him because he does his job, he works really hard, he’s there six days a week. week, eight hours a day. And he’s good at his job because he’s not afraid to confront people,” Mary Rivera said.

She even recalled a time when he was beaten in December and had to get stitches.

Mary and her brother Anthony both worked at the world’s largest gift shop for a short time.

“I had to work there for two years and at one point I was earning more than him and I wasn’t a security guard, I was just a cashier/storekeeper,” Mary said.