Searches for royal memorabilia skyrocket as fans shop for treasured memorabilia

THE SHOPS were full of memorabilia to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

From garlands to commemorative coins and tea towels, it’s a mix of good and bad – but some items may be worth a small fortune in years to come.


Smart Brits are stocking up on royal memorabiliaCredit: provided

According to eBay, searches for Queen’s 70th Jubilee products have jumped 700% as the festivities approach.

Frances Monro, head of collectibles at eBay UK, said: “There are lots of memorabilia on sale – and some could be worth much more in the future.”

Here are some of the most promising items to watch out for.

Banknotes and coins

Rare currencies can be very high in value - with gold coins fetching high prices


Rare currencies can be very high in value – with gold coins fetching high pricesCredit: provided

RARE coins and bills can sell for considerably more than their face value.

On Tuesday, the first banknote featuring a picture of the Queen sold for £800 at auction.

The five shilling note was issued in Bermuda and dated October 20, 1952 – the year the Queen ascended the throne.

On eBay, a commemorative gold sovereign coin from 2012 sold for £499.

The limited edition piece is still in its plastic packaging and presentation box.

If you’re buying online, check seller reviews and see what similar pieces have sold for. Sites such as ChangeChecker can tell you how rare coins in circulation are.

If you’re hoping to pick up a relic from the future, the Royal Mint is selling special edition 50p Diamond Jubilee coins for £7.

Brean Horne, an expert at comparison site NerdWallet, said: “It remains to be seen whether 2022 coins will stand the test of time like their counterparts, so the key is not to overspend.”

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Cups and tableware

Limited-edition tableware could have a big market in years to come


Limited-edition tableware could have a big market in years to comeCredit:

If you’re planning a cream tea fit for a queen, you might want to use your old crockery.

Limited-edition plates and mugs can attract shoppers. A limited edition Queen’s Golden Jubilee tea set from Fortnum & Mason recently sold for £349.

Still in its original packaging, it contains a teapot, two cups and saucers and a serving platter.

We found a similar one being sold on the Fortnum & Mason website for £250.

At Chiswick Auction House, a commemorative cutlery set for the Queen’s baptism went for £175.

Meanwhile, a silver cup from the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977 was bought for £225.

Charles Hanson, Director at Hansons Auctioneers, said: “We continue to see renewed interest in this type of opportunity. Provenance is key for items to be truly valuable, but even fancy £5 egg cups can go up 20% around events like a jubilee.

Commemorative flags

Memorial flags could turn out to be hidden treasures


Memorial flags could turn out to be hidden treasuresCredit:

The STREETS have been lined with Union Jack streamers this week, but some flags could be worth a fortune.

Memorial flags in good condition can fetch hundreds of pounds at auction.

It’s worth putting down roots in the loft to see if you have any hidden gems.

An antique Queen Victoria flag from 1897 recently sold for £200 on eBay.

Meanwhile, a list of two flags from 1953 was purchased for £100, despite showing some wear.

A set of cardboard decorations from the Queen’s coronation in 1953 sold at auction for £175.

Expert Brean Horne said: “It’s hard to say exactly what constitutes a valuable flag, but if it’s different, marks a defining moment and is kept in good condition, you never know what it might be worth. several years later.”

Toys and dolls

William and Kate dolls have lost value but these may increase in the future


William and Kate dolls have lost value but these may increase in the future

JOHN LEWIS sold his Signature Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Barbie doll in just three seconds – and the £95 doll is now selling for more than double on eBay.

But maker Mattel also released a £99.99 Kate and Wills Barbie couple before their wedding in 2011, and these haven’t held up to their value – we found a recent listing that had risen to £45.

Fanciest miniatures pay significantly more. A Coalport figurine of the Queen and Prince Philip sold for £230 and a limited edition Royal Doulton figurine of the Queen at her coronation sold for £200.

A limited edition Wallace and Gromit figurine made for the Diamond Jubilee even sold for £265.

Expert Brean Horne said: “If you have any figurines that you intend to sell in the future, you may want to keep them in their original box to keep them safe and try to preserve their value.”

Wedding cake

Finding a real royal wedding cake is a difficult task


Finding a real royal wedding cake is a difficult taskCredit: Darrell Russell (C)

Slices of royal wedding cake have sold for thousands of pounds in the past.

A piece of Charles and Diana’s 1981 fetched £1,850 at auction, while William and Kate’s from their 2011 wedding fetched nearly £6,000 in 2014.

A slice of the Queen’s Diamond Birthday Cake, still in its original tin box and wrapped in foil, cost £250.

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But finding a real piece is not child’s play. These were sold in specialized auctions and they do not appear regularly.

The most recent listing we could find is from August 2021. And in case anyone was tempted, shoppers were advised not to eat the items.