Preview: Back-to-school deals start at 25 cents

He could seem as if it were the middle of summer, but the parents know that the school year will start again soon. It’s never too early to think of back-to-school ideas to get the kids excited, and now Target is helping us a lot.

Target’s back-to-school sale is here! It’s the best way to stock up on classroom essentials, and it never hurts to look for fun back-to-school gifts for your kids.

What can I find on Target right now?

Everything you’ll need to make the school year a great one!

Target’s deals are ridiculously good, with lined notebooks from 50 cents, one Set of 8 pencils from 50 cents and one Set of 10 Bic pens from just 99 cents. do not forget erasers at 49 cents, colored pencil sharpeners (65 cents) and safety scissors ($1.49).

Looking for more fun stuff? You can also get a Pack of 24 Crayola Crayons (50 cents), a cute butterfly binder ($4) or a monster pencil case ($9.99). More, washable markers start at 50 cents, and if your kids are starting geometry, don’t forget to grab a compass and protractor set ($4.29). If your little one is left-handed, don’t forget a pair of left-handed scissorstoo.

If you are a teacher, take a Pack of 25 colored Sharpie markers ($21.99): You can save $5 if you spend $25 on Sharpie products! You can shop the full sale on the Target website and receive everything you need in just 2 days.

When does it start?

The sale is already underway, so you better head to your nearest target or website as soon as possible. We expect the deals to continue until the end of the summer holidays, but things could sell out quickly.

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