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Personalized gifts for the holidays? This new shop has all the charms you need

Crocs opens a new concept store in the Ayala Trinoma shopping center

Comfort and cozy dressing has been the ultimate fashion note we’ve received during this pandemic. Cold pambahay to sportswear-loungewear hybrids, this sartorial attitude has inspired many designers and other fashion designers to reinvent couture couch casuals. Part of everyone’s dress code is easy shoes, including Crocs’ signature clogs.

We’ve seen it on celebrities while they’re on the streets or on the red carpet, it’s gotten a makeover thanks to Balenciaga, and with our home state it’s one of the best shoe choices . This time it’s your turn to showcase your style vision for his shoes with the opening of his new concept store in the Ayala Trinoma Mall in Quezon City.

Boasting redesigned store interiors in synergy with maximized spaces, this new boutique is home to the brand’s various lines including the Bleached Dye collection, the Classic Croc Fur Sure Sandal and the Classic Croc Glitter Sandal Classic clogs and sandals. Its expansive Jibbitz Charm Wall is ready to bring a whole new retail experience.

The brand’s new concept store located on the 2nd floor of the mall also reflects its “Come As You Are” message by being easily accessible to everyone, regardless of age. Here is an overview of what the store looks like: