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The recipients of the Ken Garff We’re Hear For You Secret Santa award were employees of the Ogden Regional Medical Center, left to right, Daniel Gutierrez, Laura Clark, Stephanie Thorsted, Madisen Maughan, Tanisha Burnette, Carrie Becker, Jackie Ostler , Brittny Miller, Maddison Price and Lynn Harper.

OGDEN – Ten hospital workers who stayed at work during the pandemic despite their own personal challenges had a big surprise this week: personalized gift baskets recognizing their dedication.

Car dealership Ken Garff asked the Ogden Regional Medical Center to provide healthcare for people who were having significant challenges this year but still kept coming to work, hospital marketing director Craig said. Bielik.

“They told us to pick a few for Santa’s Secret Rewards. We named 10 and they chose 10,” Bielik said.

On Monday, the recipients received personalized gifts based on their personal interests.

“It was amazing,” said award winner Jackie Ostler, who is a chaplain at the hospital. “It was overwhelming. You felt so moved by their generosity.

Ostler enjoys coffee, gardening and fishing. Garff gave her a cart full of plants, soil, and a chair to sit on while she gardens. She also received a Keurig coffee maker, a Minky Couture blanket, a gift certificate to restaurants on historic 25th Street, and a gift card to Sportsman’s Warehouse.

“Everything has been tailored for each of us personally,” she said. “They didn’t just pick up things, drop them off and go. They were there personally. Ken Garff was so sincere and generous and you could tell they were all as moved as we are.

Bielik said Ostler and her husband had suffered numerous surgeries and health issues. She suffers from chronic foot pain, fibromyalgia, and ankylosing spondylitis, an inflammatory disease that causes certain bones in the spine to fuse together. Her husband recently took early retirement due to his own chronic pain.

“You can see Jackie having difficulty walking as she walks through room after room,” Bielik said. “Some days the pain is so bad you can see it on his face. She is kind and patient when visiting patients. She makes people feel so loved and loved.

Ostler said that although she was in pain and had had numerous surgeries, she would not give up her job for the world.

“I love to serve people and I love being a chaplain. I feel like I’m called to this and made for this, ”she said. “I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Riverdale Managing Director Ken Garff, Joey Burns, said the company has a community outreach program called “We’re Hear For You” through which its dealers focus on giving back to their local communities.

“We run quarterly projects with different organizations to help give back and our people at Riverdale wanted to focus on giving it back to hospital workers for their project,” he said. “We decided to recognize the 10 people who were nominated because it was the right thing to do. It was truly humbling to read some of the stories of these employees and all that they’ve been through personally, while showing up to work every day and being on the front lines during the pandemic. “

Other recipients included mammography technician Lynn Harper, a 32-year-old employee who unexpectedly lost her 33-year-old husband last December. After taking some time off, she returned without wasting any time, said Kellie Brown, director of women’s wellness at the hospital.

“Lynn is always incredibly happy with everyone. She breathes the sun, ”said Brown. “Se is the kind of person who makes you want to be a better person just by being around her.”

Brittny Miller, clinical research coordinator at the cancer treatment center, unexpectedly lost her 11-year-old stepson last May. Brown said the loss of a child brings unique emotions and depth to mourning, but Miller has faced her loss with a heartwarming smile and a compassion that she offers to others who are suffering. She has always been kind and willing to go above and beyond to help her patients.

Daniel Gutierrez is a registered nurse in the intensive care unit. He has seen the ups and downs of COVID and has been prepared to go beyond what is asked of him, Brown said. It is often found on other floors to meet needs and help staff feel comfortable caring for patients who seem beyond their competence.

“The past few months have been tough for Daniel as he has tried to deal with the stress and inconvenience of struggles in his family life with work,” said Brown. “His wife and children have been living in another state for the past few months and he has tried to help them get back to Utah. He often works six to seven days in a row so he can have a few days off to fly out to see and visit them.

His current transport vehicle was unreliable, often breaking down on his way to work. Instead of calling for his shift, he finds a way to be present. On several occasions, he refused help from his colleagues and used ridesharing services like Uber or took the public bus to work.

“He never complains and jumps straight up,” Brown said.

Burns said some of the other freebies presented to recipients included flight vouchers, lagoon season passes and spa packages. Each gift basket was valued at $ 1,400.

“We look forward to our We’re Hear For You projects, and it was particularly touching to be able to surprise these deserving people with a little sign of appreciation for everything they do day in and day out,” he said. he declares.

Other recipients included Stephanie Thorsted, Tanisha Burnette, Laura Clark, Maddison Price and Carrie Becker.


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