If you are an online shopping enthusiast, we are sure you have encountered these annoying things

The Internet has given us a magical gift; it allows us to buy beautiful clothes with one click and most of the time also takes away the regret. Since we don’t like seeing our hard-earned money flowing out of our IRL bank accounts, online shopping is the alternative we choose to live with. The best thing about shopping online is that not only does it give you a million different options to choose from, but it also leaves room to consult your friends on that pair of socks you’ve shortlisted to buy. While there are plenty of side effects to this habit, we’ve identified the issues that most of us avid shoppers are likely to have encountered.

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1. When the dress you spotted in the ads doesn’t exist on the site

The anger is completely justified. False advertising should be banned when it comes to online shopping because once we get started we are much more invested in the process than we anticipated.

2. When your browser crashes right before payment

This one can really play with your head. Especially if you have that last uncertain item sitting in your shopping cart and you’re afraid it’s going to be left in the middle of the cerebral fart your computer is going through.

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3.When Taxes, Shipping, and Other Expenses Ruin Your Budget-Keeping Expectations

We are always guilty of overspending because paise toh pedh pe hi ugte hai. JK, guys.

4. Having no insurance of the product you order

You do realize that you are throwing money on the internet, don’t you? Until your online order arrives and you wear it, there’s no way of knowing if you’ll be crying or laughing in five days.

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5. When everything is sold out at a sale before you can say hallelujah!

That tweed coat you’ve been coveting for three months is on sale… oh no, wait, it’s gone!

6.When your package is expected to arrive later than you expected despite paying for custom shipping

Your bathing suit will arrive three days after you return from that beach vacation, so there’s the thought of buying a bathing suit in the first place.

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7. When you’re not looking for anything specific, but suddenly manage to spend half your rent

“I don’t need this. I don’t need this. I don’t need this,” you say as you enter your debit card details to withdraw half of your rent.

8. When the delivery manager completely misses you

You have successfully planned six days in advance and calculated the exact time you will be home from work. But still, timing is not in your favor. To hell with overpriced websites that offer the coolest products.
Which of these did you encounter and how bored did you feel at the end? Let us know in the comments below!

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