Get a Free $25 Best Buy Gift Card When You Buy This ‘Star Wars’ LEGO Set

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Whether you love LEGOs yourself or are shopping for one of your kids (or anyone else), you know that LEGO sets can be quite expensive. But that’s because they’re fun to build, they look great, and they’re one of the best ways to add personality and decor to your home or office.

With this deal from Best Buy, you’ll receive a $25 gift card when you purchase the “Stars Wars: The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle” LEGO set for $99.99.

LEGO - Star Wars Bad Batch Attack Shuttle 75314

This 969-piece LEGO set (#75314) includes everything you need to take part in the Clone Force 99 missions and configure the spaceship and minifigures as you wish. Everything in the kit has moving parts to make it more fun and interactive.

The shuttle itself has foldable wings that move up and down depending on how you want it to fly. There are also two weapons with spring-loaded actions that actually fire small projectiles. The cockpit even has space for two minifigures and can be opened and closed from the outside.

The mini figures are the Bad Batch clones of Echo, Hunter, Tech, Crosshair and Wrecker. Plus, there are more weapons for the minifigures to hold and use and even a Gonk Droid minifigure and some speeders to role-play your favorite scenes however you like.

Get your hands on a cool new LEGO set and a $25 Best Buy gift card when you purchase this “Star Wars: The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle” kit for $99.99.