Children’s items that you are NOT allowed to take on a plane, including certain toys and souvenirs

WHEN you think of prohibited hand luggage, children’s vacation accessories are not the first things that come to mind.

But security regulations mean that a number of items are prohibited in hand luggage.

So before your next vacation, be sure to check if anything you pack violates aviation laws.

The following items are prohibited in carry-on baggage on all or some airlines.

The UK government website says frozen breast milk is not allowed on flights.

He said: “When traveling with a baby, you are allowed to take enough baby food, baby milk and sterilized water for the trip. There is no legal limit to the amount you you can take it with you, but check with your airport before you travel.

“You can carry breast milk in hand luggage even if you are not traveling with a baby, but you cannot carry frozen breast milk in hand luggage.

“Individual containers of breast milk must not contain more than 2,000ml. Each container will need to be checked at security. Airport staff may need to open the containers to filter out the liquids.”

Cooler gel packs are also permitted to keep breast milk, formula or baby food cool.

Children often have trouble sleeping on airplanes, but there are travel accessories to help them, such as hammocks and boxes that extend the seat.

However, accessories that convert seats into beds are banned by some airlines such as Qantas and British Airways.

British Airways explained: “Unauthorized devices include, but are not limited to, child seat extenders, hammocks for infants on laps, inflatable footrests and devices which attach to the seat to restrict movements or for leg support (bed boxes).”

According to the Qantas website, the ban includes: “In-flight travel accessories and devices that attach to aircraft seats, are inserted between seats or otherwise block access to rows of seats or aisles.

“Examples of prohibited in-flight accessories include, but are not limited to, inflatable cubes, ‘bed boxes’ and ‘leg hammocks’.”

However, other airlines like Virgin Atlantic allow certain products.

According to the Virgin Atlantic website, Trunkie/Bedbox accessories that extend the seat for children to sleep on, and the Plane Pal brand of airbags for children to sleep on are allowed on their plane, as long as the child is in the middle. or at the window seat.

But they should be carried instead of a cabin bag.

According to the UK government website, you are allowed to carry essential medicines over 100ml, including liquid diet food and inhalers.

However, you will need supporting documentation from a qualified medical professional (for example, a letter from your doctor or a copy of your prescription).

There are restrictions, however – for example, inhalers are allowed in hand luggage, but you must pack spare cartridges in your hold luggage, according to Gatwick Airport.

Epi pens, although also permitted, must be accompanied by a doctor’s note.

Thomas Cook warns this may be important for some foreign countries or you could end up being “questioned by local security or customs”.

All toys that imitate weapons are prohibited – even if they are unlikely to cause injury.

They can also be flagged at security checks, especially when passing through x-ray machines.

Any toy that might look like a weapon should be placed in the hold, as the government advises that “imitation explosive devices (including replica or model weapons)” are prohibited.

For example, in 2011, an airport banned a toy soldier’s three-inch shotgun on an airplane because it was considered a security threat.

Snow globes are harmless souvenirs, but you shouldn’t try to take them on a plane.

That’s because it’s impossible for airport security to tell how much cash is in there.

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