Buffalo startup ‘Went’ commemorates banknotes as souvenirs

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) — Ticket stubs are slowly disappearing as technology continues to dominate modern society.

The creators of Wenthowever, have created a fan experience startup in Buffalo and hope to bring that nostalgia back.

Went co-founder Dan Gigante said: “Most events, like games and concerts, there are no more tickets. It’s all done digitally. Sometimes it’s printed at home, but sometimes it’s just in an app.”

Founded by Dan Gigante and his wife Katie Krawczyk, they wanted to create a way for people to turn their event tickets into personalized souvenirs, for events such as sports games, concerts and other unique events.

Gigante said, “I remember tickets for when you went to something, like a memorial item.”

Gigante said the idea was born a few years ago, but he felt the Buffalo Bills’ tense game against the Los Angeles Rams was the right time to pitch it.

Each souvenir ticket costs $18. Ten percent of all Buffalo Soccer souvenir ticket sales will be donated to the Patricia Allen Fund.

Gigante said: “It could be an amazing game. It could be you going to every game. It could be an amazing gig, your first gig. You kind of want to commemorate that and say, ‘Yeah, I’m in it. go “”.

However, this is not exclusive to in-person games.

Buyers can even put “My Living Room” to mean where they watched the game.

He explained: “That one doesn’t work well with concerts because it’s more about experience, but when it comes to sporting events, a lot of times you’re there, but sometimes you’re still living the game. , wherever you are are able to see it.”

All you have to do is visit www.went.co and then enter where the match was watched, whether that’s a stadium, bar/restaurant or home.

He said. “On the back you can add a personalized message. Maybe you want to say, ‘It was my first night game, or maybe something about the game that you remember. You can also leave this section blank, perhaps if you want to get a signature in the future.”

went the first ticket will go on sale Wednesday, September 7, in recognition of the September 8 game.