Bespoke Selections Launches Exclusive Gift Concierge Service for Discerning UAE Shoppers

  • Current partners include artisan designers from Italy, France, Spain, UK, Hong Kong and South Africa
  • Many items from Bespoke Selections can also be tailored to the tastes of the recipients

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Bespoke Selections has launched a new luxury gift concierge service for the most discerning buyers in the UAE, offering a diverse range of unique, handmade and beautifully designed items that can be tailored to suit tastes and fashions. lives of their recipients.

To mark its launch, the Dubai-based company unveiled four curated collections – The Ultimate Collection, The Premium Collection, The Heritage Collection and The Corporate Collection – featuring handcrafted products and art objects from artists and designers. tailored across Italy, France, Spain, UK, Hong Kong and South Africa.

Bespoke Selections customers can acquire high-end gifts from a range of specialties, such as trunks and cabinets, writing instruments, antique and mouth-blown glassware, desk accessories, company and even custom-made wine cellars. These are all crafted from luxurious materials by master craftsmen who draw on an extensive heritage. Most of these items can also be customized to the buyer’s specific needs, allowing service users to acquire pieces that perfectly reflect their values ​​and personality.

Mihaela Tayar, Managing Partner at Bespoke Selections, said: “The UAE is home to some of the finest shoppers on the planet, with locals expected to spend over $2.66 billion on high-end products in 2022. Pushed Through a passion for understated luxury, Bespoke Selections is committed to providing its customers with exquisite, niche items that cannot be found anywhere else.

“We conducted extensive research across multiple geographies to identify and partner with master craftsmen, bespoke designers and micro-brands across a wide range of disciplines,” Mihaela continued. “As a result, we are able to offer true luxury to our customers – even by the ultra-discriminated standards of the Emirates.”

The Bespoke Selections team apply a rigorous set of selection criteria to ensure that their portfolio includes items with unique and original designs, produced to exacting quality standards and can be adapted to meet the most sophisticated requirements. Affiliated brands include TTTrunks, a Paris-based company that produces luxury cabinets and display cases; Sensis, a designer and manufacturer of bespoke wine cabinets based in Hong Kong; Aventurina Design, a Venetian glass design house led by Silvia Finiels that reinterprets collectible glass; Marlen Pens, an Italian manufacturer of fine writing instruments; and El Casco, a Spanish manufacturer of high-end desk accessories, cigar cutters and ashtrays.

Additionally, Bespoke Selections has partnered with an array of skilled glassmakers from around the world to source mouth-blown freeform ornaments in a variety of vibrant colors and styles. The luxury concierge also offers personalized gift sets as well as a range of leather goods, and its experts can be called upon to recommend specific products based on their clients’ briefs.

“Whether it’s individual buyers looking to source bespoke items for themselves or their loved ones, interior designers or event planners looking to add a special touch to their projects, or Corporate clients looking for gifts to make their customers feel truly appreciated, Bespoke Selections’ product line embodies the values ​​of quality, originality and individuality,” Tayar said.

“We couldn’t be happier with our launch collections, and we will continue to expand our portfolio while consulting with our customers to help them select the perfect bespoke gifts for themselves, loved ones and business partners,” she added.

To learn more about Bespoke Selections, or to browse its luxury collections and offerings, visit