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Elm St. Oddities and Collectibles is not the ordinary store. But if you love classic horror movies, the latest superhero movies, junk or a unique gift, a stop in Colfax is the place to go.

Now open at 116 N. Walnut St., Elm St. recently held a groundbreaking ceremony, inviting guests to experience all that is available.

“We’ve always been lifelong toy collectors, ever since we were kids,” owner Harpo Dunaway said.

Dunaway, with his wife Day, was traveling to Newton for a friend’s housewarming party when they made a pit stop in Colfax. While at Casey’s, north of town, they decided to explore the community and immediately fell in love.

“She said we were just going to drive across town while we were here and we fell in love,” Dunaway said. “It’s quiet, that’s what we like.”

The couple then had the opportunity to move their screen printing business into the Colfax building, which also featured an empty storefront. With the space available, they decided to open Elm St.

“We do big conventions, but we also do screen printing and when we were able to move in here and have screen printing in the back and have a showcase here, let’s get all our toys out of the garage and put them here,” said Dunaway: “It was good, we had a lot of good feedback.”

Filled with vintage 90s memorabilia, pop culture items, comic books, action figures, candy, clothing and more, Elm St. is full of eye candy that will keep you in the shop for hours. Upon entering you are greeted by Darth Vader from Star Wars before stumbling upon Michael Myers from Halloween, Beetle Juice or the Ghostbusters. Open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday, there is something for everyone.

“We wanted to keep the 80s and 90s as much, we’re kids of the 80s and 90s and it’s also very popular right now with conventions everywhere,” Dunaway said. “We have some cool pieces that I’m happy to have.”

For more information on Elm St. Oddities and Collectibles, visit the shop on Facebook

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