A gift for pet owners, Alanine makes feeding stress-free.

Brand Overview of Anhui Huaheng Biotechnology

Nowadays, pets have become part of many families as children, family members or friends. They are part of the pleasures of our daily lives, a good way to evacuate stress and cure anxiety. For this reason, pet nutrition and health concerns all pet owners.

How to choose a natural and healthy petfood? Here highlight an All-Nature ingredient.

Food attractants – good or bad?

When manufacturing pet food, modern production processes will significantly reduce the flavor of the food itself. The addition of food attractants is specifically aimed at facilitating consumption, in order to obtain the necessary nutrients.

Many pet owners are concerned about food attractants, because some of them are only chemical flavorings or high in salt, cannot meet the nutritional needs of dogs and cats, but show the illusion that the dogs and cats love to eat, which leads to a vicious cycle of malnutrition. . However, alanine, as a natural and healthy ingredient, will not have such effects.

High quality food mate – Alanine

Alanine is a natural amino acid with a sweet and umami taste.

The advantages of alanine: it is the icing on the cake for premium animal feed with a high meat content and good raw materials. It can not only increase palatability, inhibit sour taste of organic acids in pet food, but also participate in metabolism in pet’s body, prevent obesity caused by excess calories of pet food. ‘animal.

As a pet food attractant, alanine imparts flavor through the Maillard reaction to improve the palatability of all kinds of pet foods (wet and dry). Manufacturers can pre-mix alanine with chicken liver powder (or chicken liver, animal offal) with other raw ingredients or add it directly into finished products. On the other hand, among all amino acids, alanine is not easy to oxidize (some amino acids are easy to oxidize to smell rotten, such as cadaverine and putrescine). Therefore, adding alanine to pet food can effectively reduce the bad palatability problem caused by flavor variation of raw materials. In short, pet food containing alanine can promote appetite and ensure that pets absorb high quality pet food with sufficient nutrition. Pets eat well and owners feel comfortable.

Caring for the healthy growth of more pets

As the world’s leading Alanine company, AHB is committed to serving life and health responsibly and sustainably, providing safe, effective and natural products to care for the healthy growth of more animals. company and protecting the warm and loving daily life of pet and animal owners.