A British shop in Haddonfield becomes a place of mourning after the death of Queen Elizabeth II

HADDONFIELD, NJ (CBS) – The English Gardener’s Gift Shop in Haddonfield is known for its celebration. It’s a place of merry Christmas all summer long and it’s a year-round display of joy for Britain.

But recently, since the queen passed away, it has become a place of comfort, says owner Gary Coleman.

“It was very emotional,” Coleman said. “I happened to be at home watching the procession through Edinborough. And all his children walking behind the coffin, my inner Brit came out.”

Coleman says neighbors come from all over, not just for Queen Elizabeth II merchandise, but also to pay their respects – as best they can from here.

“We had people laying flowers in front, I unfurled some of the flags. It’s a good feeling to come to work every day because I feel like I’m helping people deal with their emotions “, said Coleman.

Coleman also says that with most memories gone, customers are turning to British food, especially breakfast food.

“They buy this stuff to celebrate and honor the Queen and sit there and have a viewing party,” Coleman said.