3 perfect gifts for home bartenders Shopping Your Store

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the home bartender became many people’s only late-night outlet as bars and restaurants across the country closed for lockdowns and quarantine procedures. Today, many people have continued the trend, honing their mixology skills and using the bars they stocked during the pandemic as food and drink prices rise across the country due to record inflation. and because they simply like to drink and entertain at home. To help keep your store stocked and your customers’ bars fresh, our editors have compiled a list of their three favorite home bar finds, from pre-mixed cocktail kits to educational games, from the past few weeks.

Lenise Willis’ Pick: Rainbow Tumblers from Merritt Designs

Merritt Designs Rainbow Tumblers

Ever since my husband and I moved to Chicago, I’ve followed the home bartending trend. I like to be a great hostess and surprise my guests with homemade food and decoration, so — of course — I had to learn how to make creative cocktails too. I’m proud to say that I’ve now perfected the espresso martini, with a decorative bean on top. And my Dark and Stormy is delicious too. The only thing I missed were decorative goblets and cocktail glasses to put them on! Now I’m ready thanks to Merritt Designs. I recently received the 10 oz rainbow acrylic tumbler and 14 oz rainbow teardrop tumbler to add to my home bar collection.

The glasses are absolutely gorgeous! I first used these for a Labor Day party I hosted, and everyone loved how cool they looked. The glasses have a gorgeous rainbow design that lets in just enough light for an extra burst of glamour. I can’t forget how pretty they are and how much everyone loved them. They’re the perfect size for wine and cocktails, as well as a hefty weight. They’re not so light that they seem cheap, but they’re not too heavy either. Best of all, they won’t break if someone accidentally drops them. Merritt Designs also offers these styles in different hues, such as bronze or azure for a more monochromatic look. They are the perfect addition to any display on home bartending tools, cocktail kits and accessories, or simply an outdoor entertaining vignette.

#GDAfindoftheday: “Raising the Bar” by Chronicle Books

Raising the Bar A bottle-by-bottle guide to making masterful cocktails at home

“Raising the Bar” from Chronicle Books by Brett Adams and Jacob Grier

Looking for a great educational pairing to go with your barware and mixer displays? Look no further than “Raising the Bar: A Bottle-by-Bottle Guide to Mixing Masterful Cocktails at Home” from Chronicle Books by Brett Adams and Jacob Grier. In this guide to building a home bar one bottle at a time, the authors/bartenders walk readers through all the tools, skills, and ingredients they need to mix a number of creative and delicious cocktails with a set of starting ingredients. Using their basic formula of spirits + sugar + acidity/bitterness = tasty cocktail, each chapter of this book introduces a new bottle and teaches readers how to build on each of these additions so readers will never feel familiar with it. a spirit or mixer.

Add this must-have reference to your inventory and peruse the chapters so you can stock up on the mentioned ingredients and tools to create a complete home bartending display ready to buy in your store today.

Adelaide Elliott’s Pick: Sea Salt Espresso Martini Mixer by Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen Sea Salt Martini Espresso Mixer

Stonewall Kitchen’s Sea Salt Espresso Martini Blender

Here’s a fun little fact about me – I don’t like coffee. I didn’t grow up drinking coffee in the morning and never a hot or cold fan of it as an adult, but I do love a good espresso martini and can never turn down a small dose of caffeine. When I had the opportunity to try SThe New Sea Salt Espresso Martini Blender from Tonewall Kitchen, I knew it would be right up my alley. Finally a way to get an espresso martini without a coffee maker or espresso machine!

This simple mixer brought the coffee bar right into my house with deep espresso flavor and just the lightest taste of salt. Per Stonewall Kitchen’s suggestion, I mixed mine with my liquor of choice – vodka – and garnished as desired with a little foam and coffee beans. I’m moving house at the moment, so although I couldn’t find any suitable martini glasses to enjoy this drink, I was able to taste test it with my parents, who are both self-proclaimed coffee fanatics who agreed that the espresso flavors were just right in this blend. For those who don’t drink, Stonewall Kitchen also suggested adding milk to the blender for an ‘afternoon cake’, so I asked my coffee taste testers to try that the next day as well. with a little foam – our creation is pictured above – and it has also received rave reviews in its non-alcoholic form!

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