28 best gifts for 3 year old boys 2022


Choosing gifts for babies is easy, but things get a little tricky once you hit the 3-year-old milestone. As a mom of two toddlers, I know what it’s like to search for that right gift that’s right for your child now but also built to last. I’m always on the lookout for unique, well-made toys and games that will hold my kids’ attention and won’t break the bank! If it’s durable enough to pass down to a younger sibling or friend, even better. The last thing we want is something that ends up in the bottom of the toy box or in the donation bin after a few uses.

If there’s one thing we know about three-year-old boys, it’s that they’ve started to develop their own opinions about what they’d like to see on the big day, so look for a special gift based on their interests or hobbies. This list can be used as inspiration to make a wish list together or use it to choose a surprise.

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Branch blocks

Kids will love the realistic look of these branch blocks. They’ll use their imaginations to build unusual structures, then tear them down!

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Design & Drill Bolt Buddies Rocket Toy

Wait until you see his face when you give him a REAL exercise in putting this rocket together. This affordable gift will keep him real for hours while developing his fine motor skills.

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B. Woofer guitar

Reviewers say this guitar is engaging and one of the least obnoxious children’s toys they own. Another said it’s been their son’s favorite toy for three years!

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ice cream van

Who doesn’t love the ice cream truck? This simple push toy is made of beech wood and is wonderfully quiet – no ice cream clink!

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Radio Flyer 6V Bumper Car

This bumper car comes with a parent remote to override child controls if needed. It has a foam bumper to protect your furniture and walls when used as an indoor toy.

6 out of 28

Kullerbu Crash Test 18-Piece Game Track Set

This set is easy enough for toddlers to put together without getting frustrated. They’ll want to watch the stuntman smash the blocks over and over again. Trust us!

seven out of 28

Calico Critters Tuxedo Cat Girl’s Party Time Play Set

A perfect snack for cat lovers. This set includes 27 birthday-themed accessories, from cake to small accessories.

8 out of 28

Show Shelter Pet Love

Toddlers will love making toys, learning about animal shelters and helping animals in need. Start early to instill a love of volunteerism.

9 out of 28

Symphony Croc musical toy

Kids will love making music to this crocodile. The drum pops out, so it’s easy to start a band.

ten out of 28

Scoop & Serve Ice Cream Counter

The Ice Cream Counter will get hours of play. It comes with fake money making it a great introduction to simple math. Young children will love stacking the spoons high!

11 out of 28

Kiko+ Wooden Kaleidoscope Camera

See the world differently with this smart kaleidoscope camera. It comes with a carrying strap to avoid losing it.

12 out of 28

animal rescue helicopter

Fast! An adorable hippopotamus needs your help! Save them from the hungry lion with a helicopter with a working propeller.

13 out of 28

Kidamento Instant Print Digital Kids Camera

Behind that silly panda face is a fun instant-print camera! Kids can point and shoot, then parents can print their shots or transfer them to another device.

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The Observer Playset

Lovevery kits are great for all ages and their 3 year old kit is no exception. It includes a small house and a weather forecast tablet. Now they also offer books that you can add to the subscription.

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veterinary toy

If your three-year-old is still in the dressing phase, they’ll love this vet set where they can nurse a calf’s boo boo and drive to the farm in a truck.

16 out of 28

Tree House Adventure

Perfect for rainy days when playing in a real tree house is not possible. The attention to detail on Schleich toys is amazing. They are so realistic, even down to the footprints. Dab them in playdoh and see their traces! Kids will love this tree house for years to come.

17 out of 28

Slumberkin Alpaca

The life of a three-year-old child is quite stressful. There is so much to learn and do. Alpaca can help young people manage feelings of anxiety and articulate those feelings.

18 out of 28

cloud window clings

Children will look forward to rainbow time each afternoon when the sun hits them at the window. They also prevent birds from flying into the windows. A win-win!

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Coterie Pull Up

If your three-year-old isn’t quite potty trained, he’ll love wearing Coterie’s new pull-ups. They are as soft as real underwear.

20 out of 28

Minnidip Max

Dive in and enjoy this inflatable pool adorned with palm fronds. It’s big enough for adults to have fun.

21 out of 28

The Ultimate Exploration Storypod Pack

If you’re constantly being asked to read stories over and over again, you’ll love StoryPod! The different knitted animals all tell a story. Just place them on the speaker. Record your own stories or songs on the owl plush.

22 out of 28

Vegan products

What about young children and macaroni? Improve your child’s diet by giving him Goodles, which are just as tasty, but contain protein. Yum !

23 out of 28

The Puppy 2-in-1 Transforming T-Shirt

When toddlers are around, there is most likely a mess. Cubcoats makes storing a spare shirt easy because it folds up into a small stuffed animal!

24 out of 28

Organic cotton top and bottom set

Make Make Organics offers comfortable clothing that stands up to rough play. They are breathable and organic, which makes them perfect for young children.

25 out of 28

my first train

Three-year-olds will have no trouble putting this train together. It’s fun without being frustrating like some other trains.

26 out of 28

Splash Splash Water Park

Turn the wheel and watch the water flow. There are three people and a variety of water toys to play with overall.

27 out of 28

Jumbo Waldorf Rocker

This seesaw can be used for climbing or swinging. It’s also fun to watch!

28 out of 28

Children’s blanket

After the bath and the pool, 3-year-olds will love snuggling up in this adorable terrycloth blanket. Monogram it for an extra $15.

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